Our first issue, Episode one, featured the following:

  • Welcome
  • Computer Security Checklist
  • Definition of the Month - Fishing, Phishing
  • Facial Recognition Gone Bad? - From the American Bar Association and Ars Technica
  • Humor - For more info on Steven Wright, visit: http://www.steven-wright.com.
  • Is Google Evil?
  • New SaviorLabs Website
  • Notes From the Field
  • Paul’s Old PCs - The Timex Sinclair ZX-81
  • SaviorLabs: Member of FBI InfraGard! - https://www.infragard.org
  • SaviorLabs’ Vision and Mission
  • This Month’s Question - Does Your Organization Perform Security Awareness Training?
  • You Can Get Hacked Through Wi-Fi?

Download a PDF of Episode 1