SaviorLabs: Protecting What You've Worked So Hard to Build

“Effective cybersecurity must be a service, not simply a piece of hardware or software,” ~Paul Parisi, president of SaviorLabs

SaviorLabs Will Provide You with Premier Security Through:

  • A multilayered and thorough approach to protect your business from internal and external threats
  • 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of your technology for vulnerabilities
  • Employee training on best practices to be used and the role they play in keeping your network safe
  • The implementation of tools, including Cyber Attack Awareness, Integrated System Security, Password Protocols, Spam Email, Multi-Factor Authentication, Dark Web Analysis, Virus/Malware Protection, Web, SIEM/Log Management, Mobile and Remote Device Protection, Firewall Protection and more, that will be put to work to protect you
  • The vigilant study of techniques and approaches used by hackers and how to stop them
  • Helping you achieve IT Security requirements, from CMMC and NIST 800‐171 to FINRA and HIPAA IT Security compliance

“One of the greatest threats facing businesses today is the lack of understanding of how vulnerable they are to a cyberattack and the financial impact that will have on their company,” ~Paul Parisi, president of SaviorLabs

Vulnerability of Small and Medium Businesses

Infrastructure is critical to the productivity of any business' team. Unfortunately, while most understand the necessity of investing in technology, they underestimate the value in protecting it. In an attempt to cut corners, some companies inadvertently put themselves at financial risk. A quick search on the internet brings to light numbers that are staggering and reveal the vulnerability of Small to Medium Businesses. When successful, cyber-attacks can jeopardize your data, or worse, they can release your customer information to the world. Regaining access to your systems and re-securing your data can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, putting many at risk of going out of business after such an attack. Don't let your business become one of those statistics.

Your Safeguard

The complexity of cyberattacks and data thefts grows each month. While most cyberattacks are preventable, it requires diligence in keeping up with emergent threats. Without this vigilance, your business is likely to suffer. Because the problem is so daunting, it's tempting to want to look the other way and hope your business will slip under the radar. It is this mindset, along with an underinvestment in security, that has allowed Small to Medium Businesses to become easy targets to cyber-attackers. They are now almost 4 times more likely than large companies to become victim to a targeted attack. Given the fact that many businesses don't survive more than a few months after an attack, don't let this happen to you. SaviorLabs has both the resources and expertise to protect you!

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