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SaviorLabs Allows Us to Focus on Our Customers

“SaviorLabs consolidated and organized our previously slapdash approach to technology security. Working with SaviorLabs allows us to focus on our customers while still knowing that our network and data are protected. Staff members are responsive and personable, and when we have questions, SaviorLabs answers them with clear language and patience. When we upgrade PCs for our staff, SaviorLabs makes that process almost seamless. We’re happy to recommend Paul and his team to other businesses looking for managed IT services.”

James McCloskey James McCloskey Manager, American Instrument Exchange, Inc., Haverhill, MA

SaviorLabs Is Responsive, Thoughtful, and Wonderful to Work With

“Paul Parisi and his team at SaviorLabs are wonderful to work with. We appreciate their deep knowledge and insights about cybersecurity, their ability to manage our IT systems reliably and efficiently, and to keep our computers and networks protected from vulnerabilities. The SaviorLabs team is responsive and thoughtful about our business needs and practices. We highly recommend SaviorLabs as a technology partner - to ensure your technology is working for you, not against you!”

anonymous Senior Executive Confidential Investment Company, Boston Area

Lower Cost and Peace of Mind

“For a long time, we had our own in-house IT staff. While I thought they were serving us well, it turns out I didn’t know how bad things really were. Our IT staff tried hard, but we didn’t have the time to manage them. The choices they made were not the best decisions and put us on a dangerous course. SaviorLabs made it simple to change to their services. I can’t imagine how an in-house person could have the breadth and depth of knowledge to protect us from issues we could never have imagined. Plus, the cost is actually lower than having our own IT staff that could walk out the door at any time. Now I have peace of mind, and technology is no longer an issue!

Chris Mosher Chris Mosher President, Electronic Products, Inc., Newburyport, MA

SaviorLabs Streamlined Our Processes and Saved Us Money Every Year

“SaviorLabs has allowed us to realize one of the most mature and progressive municipal budgeting processes in the United States. They developed systems which continue to streamline our processes and workload and save money every year. Thanks to their work and their diligent efforts to streamline our process, it has gone from taking months to literally days. SaviorLabs’ expertise has enabled the comprehensive integration of many data sources and created easy to use systems that have made our lives easier and increased our productivity. SaviorLabs continues to be a key contributor to our having never missed a deadline. SaviorLabs is a key ally in making the budget office successful!”

Jerry Rufo City of Boston, Office of Budget Management, Boston, MA

Highly Recommend SaviorLabs

“Paul’s team at SaviorLabs has been supporting our growing company for about 2 years. They took focused interest in understanding our needs and focus on information security; they set up technology and controls to help manage our network and computers with our and our customers’ needs in mind. What I particularly like is Paul’s team’s approach to mapping their information security set-up and that it takes advantage of currently available technology to build a quality security net around our company’s systems. I find the SaviorLabs team to be very responsive and feel that we can scale with them as we continue to grow. Highly recommend them!

anonymous CPA, Senior Financial Advisor Confidential Accounting Firm, Massachusetts

SaviorLabs Is Passionate About How They Serve Their Clients

“Cornerstone Commissioning has received valuable services from SaviorLabs for over five years. During that time, SaviorLabs has resolved many of our IT and complex software and database issues. Paul and his team have excellent technical capabilities and troubleshooting skills and always work to bring problems to conclusive resolution. Paul is passionate about how he serves his clients.

Dan Frasier Dan Frasier, PE, CCP CEO and Founder, Cornerstone Commissioning, Boxford, MA

SaviorLabs Assures That Our Systems Allow Us to Best Serve the People We Care For

“I serve a church that has been around for a very long time, and with that, some of our processes were certainly quite outdated. This includes our IT support- of which we never truly had any. Thus, with our equipment and IT support, it had always been some type of patchwork- which certainly was not sustainable in the long haul- especially in this day and age of needing to keep up in the times with technology to best serve the people we care for and serve. Thus, we reached out to SaviorLabs for their help and support, and we are truly grateful for all that they have provided to us to bring us up to speed and to give us such diligent help. They are quick to respond and serve with kindness, which we so appreciate!”

Andrew James Andrew James Pastor, First Church of Boxford, Boxford, MA

SaviorLabs Safeguards and Secures My Business, Putting My Mind at Ease

“As a small business owner, it is vital that technology is always working properly. Even a small tech issue can bring my business to a grinding halt. I am thankful for SaviorLabs and the tech team who have put safeguards and security measures in place so that issues rarely occur. The fact that they are regularly monitoring my systems puts my mind at ease. When challenges do arise, SaviorLabs quickly responds to provide solutions so I can return to ‘business as usual’.”

Mitch Jacoby Mitchell Jacoby MCR Principal, Lee & Associates, Boston, MA

SaviorLabs Helps Us Have Successful Project Completions

"Paul was instrumental in getting our clients migrated from a legacy voice system to Microsoft Teams Voice. He explained the process and benefits to us, worked with our team and our clients, and helped us have successful project completions."

Kevin Peterson Kevin Peterson Vice President of Service Operations, Peterson Technology Group, Madison, WI

SaviorLabs Truly Cares About its Clients

SaviorLabs truly cares about its clients and customizes solutions to meet their needs. Other IT services providers tried to pigeonhole us into an offering that did not work for us – or talked to us like we couldn’t possibly understand the services they were providing. SaviorLabs respects our opinions and preferences and wants to be a partner in our success.

Louise Kennedy Louise Leduc Kennedy Founding Attorney, West Hill, Beverly, MA

SaviorLabs Provides Trusted IT Security, Support, and Solutions for Your Business

SaviorLabs’ years of experience and expertise provides you with cutting-edge, reliable technology security and support, freeing you to focus on your customers and managing your business. You can enjoy the peace of mind that our clients appreciate. Most likely, you are not in the technology industry, so why should you be managing your own IT? We do that for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

With SaviorLabs Managing Your Technology, You Can:

Keep Your Teams Focused and Working

Do you have high-valued employees doing IT on the side? Are your teams distracted and frustrated that their productivity is being impacted by slow networks and systems that are often down? SaviorLabs is your solution.

Increase Productivity and, Potentially, Profitability

SaviorLabs keeps your current network safe and running at its full potential to help grow your business. Our real world and constantly evolving expertise will be readily available to you, making sure that your technology is helping your business, not holding it back.

Have Confidence and Peace of Mind

Knowing that your company’s network and data, including your clients’ and employees’ information, are protected allows you to move forward with confidence. Today’s hackers are no longer kept at bay with just firewalls. What is required is cutting edge expertise of the technology and techniques being used to disrupt networks, pirate information, and even steal company's money. SaviorLabs has the knowledge and the skills to protect you and your business.

Have Ready Access to Expertise and Cutting Edge Tools

As your company grows and your IT needs change, SaviorLabs helps you assess and plan. With a vast amount of experience and knowledge of the many tools available today, we are here to help your technology not only keep up with your growth but give you a competitive edge.

Our custom service packages deliver what you need and want without overstepping the boundaries of your budget. From cloud services to data backup, we’re here to team up with you and your company to assure that your technology is working at its full potential, that your employees have the tools to be successful, and that your network is protected.

SaviorLabs can help you today.

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Paul Parisi
Founder and President

Paul Parisi
Founder and President