Millions of people use virtual voice assistants like Alexa and Siri in their everyday lives, but can you use voice technology in business operations? Artificial intelligence continues to evolve, leading to a rise in voice-activated solutions for enterprises. Discover the key advantages of voice technology and its business applications in this guide.

The Development of Natural Language Processing

How can you ask your device a question and it automatically answers you? A component called Natural Language Processing makes this possible. It's a form of machine learning that is the cornerstone of leveraging voice tech for business efficiency.

Voice assistants won't automatically understand everything that you say at first. They require some practice and experience in order to learn more and produce better results. Therefore, the more you use a voice assistant, the better it will become at understanding you and providing help.

Top Business Applications of Voice Technology

It's easy to ask a voice assistant to play a song on your device or look up a quick fact, but how does this technology help your business? Many people don't see the need for voice recognition in corporate settings but it proves to be incredibly helpful. Check out the most common forms of voice technology and its business applications.

Customer Support

Say a customer has a question about a product they order from you. You can use voice technology in your customer service portal to quickly provide the customer with the appropriate resources. This depends on the type of business you run, but common issues that voice assistants help with include:

  • General questions about the business
  • Looking up order numbers
  • Making account changes
  • Providing billing information

Voice technology is available in both automated customer service phone lines as well as online chatbots. Natural Language Processing applies to various languages so multi-lingual customers can speak in their fluent tongue. Implementing voice solutions for business operations can improve your customer experience and save you money on staffing a customer service department.

Account Security

Passwords and PIN numbers are an outdated way of protecting accounts. Biometric factors like fingerprint analysis and facial recognition scans offer more security for account holders. An emerging technology is voice biometrics, which recognizes unique characteristics in your vocals to verify your identity.

This innovative feature has its advantages because it locks out unauthorized users and, unlike a fingerprint analysis, allows for hands-free authentication. You'll have peace of mind when you incorporate effective security measures like voice biometric authentication throughout your business.

Exploring the Advantages of Voice Recognition in Corporate Settings

If you're still on the fence about voice technology and its business applications, consider the impressive benefits that await. Natural Language Processing and machine learning help customers receive answers to common questions and concerns without taking up your time or resources. In addition, the technology supports multiple languages so you don't have to worry about hiring bilingual customer service representatives.

As a security feature, voice recognition keeps accounts safe from unauthorized users. Voice-activated tools also promote inclusivity and accessibility among everyone in the workplace.

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