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Paul Parisi of SaviorLabs has been working with the City of Boston Office of Budget Management since the late 1980’s, helping us realize one of the most mature and progressive municipal budgeting processes in the United States. Together, we have developed systems which continue to streamline our processes and work load and save money every year. Thanks to their thoughtful consideration of our requirements and workflow, and their diligent efforts to streamline them, our process has gone from taking months to literally days. They have also walked us through transferring our budget from strictly paper products to digital, and now to the web. The comprehensive integration of many data sources and the ease of use have made our lives easier and increase our offices productivity. SaviorLabs continues to be a key contributor to our having never missed a deadline. As changes were needed, SaviorLabs was able to make them in real-time, allowing us to move forward and get the job done. SaviorLabs is a key ally in making our office successful!
Jerry Rufo

City of Boston

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