What you need to ensure productivity
for As low as $150/user/month


The amount an average small business loses to IT failures every year.

Proper maintenance of your computer network is not an expenditure; it’s productivity protection.

Bolstering the productivity of your employees will have a direct impact on your bottom line, lower your cost basis, and help grow your business.

Why risk losing the revenue and customer confidence that a network failure can cause?

TeamCare from SaviorLabs

TeamCare from SaviorLabs ensures that your networked devices have the preventative maintenance and support you need to minimize the likelihood of an outage and to quickly resolve any unexpected problems. Internal support can fail due to turnover or time off, leaving key technicians unavailable when you need them most. If Fred from Accounting puts on another hat to fix a PC, who sends the invoices he’s neglecting? Does he really understand network security? TeamCare ensures that your network conforms to “best practices” standards using a rigorous maintenance schedule, remote monitoring, regularly scheduled and emergency site support, and an efficient and diligent help desk.

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We are Proactive Technology Managers



Where things stand now

We’ll review your network and summarize the areas that need attention.

Repairs before failure

We’ll constantly monitor your servers and PCs, using both preventative and reactive solutions to address problems.

Every employee gets attention

Every PC on your network will be up-to-date and secure and monitored constantly for any new threats.

Stopping viruses and spam

Our network design will include protections from viruses, spam, phishing, and other threats.

When you need more help

Our capable and diligent support team will respond quickly and comprehensively to all requests from your team.


We'll keep you informed

Our always-available reports will let you see for yourself how things are working.

Eliminating budget surprises

Our strategic Planning & Budgeting consultation will optimize your return on every dollar spent.

When all else fails

On-site support will arrive quickly when remote tools can’t complete all the needed tasks.

If the worst happens

We’ll report on the impact of a complete failure and how to recover more quickly.

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