Development and Support

We can build your Joomla site for you. While we typically do not build simple sites we are very happy to. The majority of sites we work on are complex multi-function sites serving large user bases. We have built sites serving millions of people per month and done it in a way that does not even break a sweat. We work with our customers to clearly identify their needs and expectations and then exceed those expectations. We always collaborate with our customers and work in a quickly iterative process so things do not get out of control. Talk to us about how we can make your site a success.

Migration Services

Joomla Migration Services enables organizations to cost effectively migrate complex content and data from legacy systems to Joomla. Our experienced architects help you minimize the cost and complexity of migrating valuable content into Joomla through software tools, best practices, intelligent planning and a proven methodology. Leverage our expertise to ensure a successful migration to Joomla.

Performance Audit

The Joomla Performance Audit will help you optimize your site using recognized best practices; and the audit includes automated testing to benchmark performance and identify gaps. If substantial issues, outside optimization, are uncovered during testing, We will propose recommendations to remedy these issues to ensure your site meets or exceeds expectations when deployed.

Security Audit

A Joomla Security Audit helps you identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure that your site has been architected, developed, and configured in line with best practices to protect against common attacks. We examine your site to identify commonly exploited security holes, and we train you to close them, and validate they have been fixed properly before they can be used against you.

Site Audit

Optimize your Joomla site launch with an Joomla Site Audit. The audit will help your team mitigate unnecessary risk and streamline your launch. Learn how to utilize best practices and reduce the potential of re-work activities – saving time, money, and business disruption.

Joomla Deployment Validation

This comprehensive package provides a combined evaluation of performance, security and site optimization. The Joomla Deployment Validation includes a validation checklist, full site analysis and architecture walkthrough, as well as validation testing to ensure the successful deployment of your Joomla site.
At SaviorLabs we are passionate about seeing our clients succeed! Your website introduces you and your business to potential clients you would never have the opportunity to meet on your own. Your website can start them moving on the path from potential clients to satisfied customers.