Hey Hacker! Get a REAL Job!

As I’ve read through many of our recent blog posts, it astounds me how much effort is expended to electronically wreak havoc with people’s computers, online businesses and livelihoods. So much good could be accomplished if all this energy was redirected towards doing good, productive work rather than trying to covertly steal from other’s toil and entrepreneurial effort. Hackers appear to be too lazy and unimaginative to create their own business, but they can spend countless hours trying to crack and exploit apps, create bots, and design computer viruses. Sigh…

In this issue of our company newsletter, we’ve included a list of common financial scams, an article about a proactive step taken by Apple to combat Mac viruses, and a podcast with Paul Rush, founder and CEO of a software design and product development company called Substantial. We would also like to call your attention to an email vulnerability that uses fake “verified” signatures in their phishing attacks, and a report detailing the high percentage of web traffic generated by bots (defined as an autonomous program designed to mimic the interaction of a human user with a computer or another user).

Until next month, be tranquil!

Heidi E. Parisi
Office Tranquility Engineer