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The Art of Hacking: Cybersecurity with Adriel Desautels

On episode 59 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with Adriel Desautels, founder and CEO of Netragard, about hacking and cybersecurity.


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Business Spotlight:
Arsenault and Cline

Arsenault and Cline, CPAs, Incin Lynnfield offers one-on-one accounting, tax and financial advice. Clients services range from accounting, to tax and small business consulting services at affordable fees. SaviorLabs manages their IT so they can focus on what they do best.

See what Arthur and Sue have to say about SaviorLabs:

“We wanted to reach out and say thank you to Paul and whole SaviorLabs Team.  From the first time we met them, we have been impressed with their service. The results of their Free Network Assessment showed where our other IT service wasn’t living up to its commitment and it was evident from the beginning that SaviorLabs was interested in our company’s success. We love the way they answer the phone when we call, they follow up on issues, and are always willing to help us, even with our Tax software. As a result of SaviorLabs helping us think through the best IT solutions for our business, We spend less time on software and computer glitches and more time on preparing taxes for our clients.” – Sue Cline and Arthur Arsenault

Visit Arsenault and Cline site (NEW website being built by SaviorLabs – in process)
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Tech Perspective:
Catch Me If You Can

By Paul Parisi, President & Founder

Recently I heard a lecture from Frank Abagnale Jr who was the focus of the movie Catch Me If You Can about how a young Frank impersonated an airline pilot, a physician and even an attorney. A movie worth watching starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

When Frank was finally captured he went to prison. After being sentenced to 12 years in Federal prison the FBI approached him and offered to have him work for the FBI in lieu of serving his remaining sentence. He did and still works with the FBI. He is one of the most sought-after advisors for cyber security internationally. Here is a link to the talk he recently gave at Google. I really encourage you to take the time to watch it, it will be well worth it.

Remember, cyber security comes downs to three things:

  1. Securing your systems hardware and software,
  2. people doing what they are supposed to do, and
  3. people not doing what they are not supposed to do.

Not sure you have kept up with these things? Get your free IT assessment from SaviorLabs today.


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