Yes, another major ransomware attack has spread across the globe. I wonder what your reaction has been to this? Has this become such a common item in the news that you just dismiss it and say, “those poor people that were hit.” But in your mind, you don’t think you will ever fall prey. Are you concerned? Is your computer backed up? Do you have all your updates installed? Is your antivirus software up to date?

I think a common sentiment is that people think they won’t get hit. As a computer technician, I ask every person I work with if they have a backup of their data. I don’t know why, but I am continually amazed at how many people don’t backup their files. When they say, “no,” I try to probe a bit further. I ask them if they are concerned about losing their data? So often I get a very dismissive response indicating that they don’t believe they will ever lose their data. Then, two minutes later I’m dealing with another person who’s hard drive has gone bad, or the night before they spilt a glass of wine all over their machine. Next comes the look of devastation as they realize there is no way to recover their children’s photos or their PhD dissertation that they have spent years working on. Yet the cycle continues.

This can be applied to cyberattacks as well. What would happen if your computers and network went down or suddenly all your files disappeared or were encrypted, being held for ransom? You cannot afford to have a laissez-faire attitude towards the ever increasing and crippling effects of cyberattacks.

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