How can our managed IT services help you?

Your employees are likely your most expensive asset. Controlling your IT resources is vital to your personnel’s employees’ productivity. In today’s market, you need to take control of your technology so that it accomplishes your business’s goal — from what hardware and software will do the best job, to what computers are the smart choice. Plus, you need to have guaranteed, reliable, off-site backups that will survive direct attacks from viruses, malware, spyware or ransomware. Tie this up with a bow of proactive, expert management, and you have all you need.

Being able to get what needs to be done actually accomplished is critical! How can you make your employees more efficient? Addressing the speed, effectiveness and functionality of your technology will make systems easier and faster to use. We do this by choosing the right physical systems, but also by optimizing the software required to succeed.

Security is a huge concern for every business–from losing competitive, confidential information, to allowing unauthorized network access to personal information resulting in business-ending lawsuits. You need to have a security plan, policy and procedures in place to prevent your data from being exploited. We ensure that you have the best managed anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware and DNS security. We can also implement encryption for data that might be in “the cloud” to ensure that only the right eyes have access to it. Our network audit and customized approach to security alleviates this concern.

Having technology is not an end to itself. You need it to work for your employees to do their job! We ensure that your systems are reliable by choosing the hardware with the right support. We continuously monitor all the systems we manage, and we proactively update and patch both the operating systems and software on a 24x/7 basis. Frequently, we fix things before anyone even knows there was an issue.

Podcast: The Edge of Innovation

Growing Up in Technology: Entrepreneur Greg Arnette

On Episode 62 of The Edge of Innovation, we’re talking with entrepreneur Greg Arnette, about how growing up with technology influenced his life. He self-categorized himself as a “technology nerd” who has spent decades creating companies to solve problems. Learn how tinkering with radio electronics has led to lifetime entrepreneurship.

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Business Spotlight:
The Sproul Company

To address the challenges of climate change and improve urban autonomous mobility, The Sproul Company spearheads events, innovation, and mobility projects in the urban mobility and connected autonomous vehicle (CAV) markets. TSC was seeking a website to highlight the events and writings produced in pursuit of this goal.

“SaviorLabs made the process of designing a new company website quick, efficient, affordable and completely turnkey. Michael did a great job leading us through the process and training us on how to post additional content using the CMS. He also provided critical help with graphic design. In just a few weeks, we went from concept to completion with a vibrant and versatile new web site.” – Jim Sproul, The Sproul Company

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Tech Perspective:
7 Critical Computer Security Tips

By Paul Parisi, President & Founder

1.    Prioritize Patches
“Patches! We don’t need no stinking patches.” As boring as it sounds you need to update your software all the time. The single most significant non-human way a system is compromised is because something was left unpatched. Equifax was breached because a system was left unpatched. The systems that hackers use don’t care who they catch. They just scour the internet looking for holes to exploit. You and your systems don’t look any less attractive than Equifax’s, so don’t think you are too small. You need to make sure that you have a written policy stating what software you allow on your company computers, that you enforce the policy, and you keep it all up to date.

2.    Install Antivirus Software
I cannot tell you the number of times I sit down at a computer and it is slow and unreliable. This can often be a sign of viruses, malware or spyware. You need to have really good antivirus protection, and not just free antivirus software.This is truly a case of “you get what you pay for.” Steer clear of the what seems to be too good to be true. It is important to make sure you have verified antivirus and anti-malware that is monitored 24×7 to make sure your systems are protected.

3.    Update Your Corporate Password Policy
Do you even have a password policy? In Massachusetts a password policy is an important way to comply with applicable business. You need to make sure that your do not allow passwords to get too old Make sure to change them at least every 60 days. More importantly, Don’t allow people to reuse their passwords for different things. For example, let’s say your password on is ‘redrider22!’. Don’t use that password on any other site. This is especially important, if by chance were to get breached. The hackers would now know your email address and password. They will then try to login to using the same credentials. Don’t end up on the news! Get a password policy in place. You should also make sure passwords are complicated and difficult to guess. Try and replace certain letters with numbers – for example: change all a’s in your password into 8’s. Throw in some punctuation and things get hard to hack.

4.    Back Up Daily and Test Your Restore Process Often
I know you have backups that are happening every day, but when was the last time you absolutely knew for sure that your backups were tested to see if they restore? If you are using Tape Drives, External Hard Drives or USB Sticks as your main backup, stop it! Tapes are super prone to failure, especially over time. Hard Drives and USB sticks are good for local backup, but they fail as well. Plus, they can walk away – creating another bigger problem. We recommend online backup. In fact, we just introduced our new Ransomware-Proof backup system that ensures backups happen automatically and keep you safe from ransomware as well.

5.    Create a Plan for Stolen Computers or Devices
As I alluded to above lost or stolen backup devices and land you in hot-water. But that is not all. What if someone loses a laptop or USB stick? What are you going to do if an unauthorized user gets access to one of your company’s laptops? Can the computer be remotely erased? Can it be located? Remember, as business owners, we are held responsible for any data that we lose. As the Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared.”

6.    Impose Email and Internet Restrictions
Don’t disregard restricting what your users can do on the internet or in email. This is twofold. Make sure that systems are in place to prevent accidental access  to bad Web sites that could be a source of malware.  also keeping employees off of potentially illegal sites. The case can be made that “there were not blocks in place and that caused…”. Similarly, blocking links in emails can help avoid some of the most nefarious email scams out there. If you have not thought through how to properly manage email and internet restriction, it is probably about time.

7.    Consider Virtual Private Networks
Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs, are a critical tool for ensuring your information remains confidential. VPNs encrypt the conversation between your computer and the servers you are accessing. This prevents someone sitting in the same Starbucks from seeing what you are doing. This is not farfetched. A simple Android phone can be easily set up to track what everyone is doing on a public Wi-Fi network at a coffee shop. Using a VPN makes it very hard to figure out what you and your computer are doing on the internet. Think about always using VPNs whenever you use Wi-Fi!

So, what should I do?
Just trying to think through all the new threats and patches and upgrades is a significant challenge. And then once you do, it’s likely all obsolete and you need to start over. Can you ensure that your computers are as safe as when you lock your office door at the end of the day?

That’s where SaviorLabs comes in! We offer comprehensive threat management on a budget you can afford. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best managed IT services including security, patching, and optimization for your organization.

Give us a call today at 978-561-6025 to learn how our managed services can protect you, your data and your business.