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You’ve spent thousands of dollars developing applications to make your business successful. SaviorLabs supports those applications whether they are web-based or traditional client/server. We can also migrate legacy applications to modern technologies. Whether your application is .NET, VB6, VBA, Microsoft Access, or Java, we can help.

When your business needs customized software solutions, we develop those applications. We work with you to best meet your organization’s needs, making you more efficient and giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.


Code Assessments

Code level documentation

Functionality documentation


Upgrade to modern versions

Technology Change

To Web Applications


New functionality

Fix broken functionality

Performance improvement


New Applications

Custom Solutions for Specific Goals

Simplified Solutions

“Paul and the entire Savior Labs team has been a professional, skilled and reliable part of our business development for over 3 years. The staff has provided superior execution, service, and advice for the projects we have worked on…excellent collaborative team!”

Susan Humerian
BD Coordinator
PLG Consulting

Why SaviorLabs for your Application Development needs?


You have an application that you have been using for years and you have come to depend on it. How does it actually work, how do you actually use it every day? Could a programmer actually fix it if there was a problem? How long would it take? If any of these questions are on your mind you need to think about investing in a code assessment and documentation. We help organizations all over to take control of their existing applications and ensure their business is not at risk.


Sometimes you have a system that works great but is built on old technology. We see this quite a bit with applications built in Microsoft Access – we can help by migrating those applications to more modern versions of Access. It may make sense to change from a legacy platform like Access to more modern web-based technologies – we can help with that too. We support all sorts of platforms, not just Access.


If this software only did this! How many times have you thought that? We can help! We recently worked a mission-critical line-of-business application for a client, taking a report from taking 10 minutes down 3 seconds. We can take your existing software and either add new functionality, fix broken functionality or just make it faster.


Deciding to create your own custom software is something you want to do very, very carefully. It will always take twice as long and cost twice as much as you expect. Many times, much more. This is usually due to the way software development is done. We take a very different approach than traditional development.
We will always say that finding existing software and adapting your business to it is usually the best course of action. However, if a system cannot be found that meets most of your needs and you really need custom software we can help.
We use a methodology similar to the Agile method. Software projects that are done this way allow you to see the software as we develop it and make changes as we go. This can help to alleviate the need for comprehensive specifications before we get started.

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