Protecting yourself and your company on the internet is not a passive activity. The reality is that the internet is not a safe place and the sooner we take that seriously the better. SaviorLabs protects its customers using a multi-layered set of technologies. In some ways our protection is like bullet-proof glass. Bullet-proof glass is made by sandwiching layers of glass and plastic together. As a bullet passes through the first layer of glass it shatters and slows down the bullet. Then it hits the first layer of plastic, slowing it further, and so on. So is our defense. We have solutions that take care of your security on multiple layers – and every day we see the importance of each and every layer.

We are excited to be adding yet another important layer to the security system we offer. We are now able to deliver the same Dark Web credential monitoring capabilities used by many Fortune 500 companies. (The Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web reached only by special software allowing users to remain anonymous and untraceable. Its digital back allies are used for criminal activities, including the disclosure and sale of digital credentials–potentially your usernames and passwords. These digital credentials are then used to connect to critical business applications and systems.)

SaviorLabs can now detect the presence of your stolen credentials in real-time on the Dark Web. We continuously search the most secretive corners of the Internet to find compromised data associated with employees, customers, contractors and other personnel, and notify you immediately when these critical assets are compromised. The data we provide is the most trusted and validated available.

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